The benefits of nuts that girls need to know.
About the "nut" (Woman Plus)

          Girls who like to eat peanuts! Today we will talk about beans, we came to know about the benefits of beans, we eat chewing it better ... how it affects our health.


          It is the highest nutrient plant of all seeds. And can be eaten in a variety of forms. Yogurt, soy milk, soy sauce and soy sauce help control the symptoms associated with menopause, and also protect against cancer in soybeans, also rich in vitamin E that provides antioxidants. And B vitamins play a role in nourishing the nervous system and help the body fight stress.


          Beans are high in B vitamins. Helps maintain energy levels and builds muscle and muscle tissue. High Fiber Diet Lowers Cholesterol Levels And effective digestion. It also contains vitamin B5 to stimulate immunity. And vitamin C antioxidants.


          As a source of vitamin B Helps to maintain the nerve and muscle tissue of the body. As well as strengthening the resistance to stress. It also has important minerals for immune health. Including the antioxidant selenium needed to produce antibodies. And zinc, which fight against viruses. Inhibit cancer cells It also helps lower cholesterol.


          Almond is a source of high antioxidants. Help protect against Alzheimer's cancer 100 grams of vitamin E 24 milligrams and also a source of calcium antiviral mineral as well. Almonds also contain lactose, which is believed to be a compound that fights tumors. Effective There are also high zinc. Strengthens the immune system and makes the wound heal faster. Almonds are filled with unsaturated fatty acids that provide nutrients. Help reduce cholesterol.

          Beans have a beneficial effect on heart disease.

          Coronary artery disease Caused by genetics and behavior. Key behaviors include: Fat Exercise and Eating Especially sweet foods, it's salty, but foods that can prevent heart disease, especially nuts such as nuts, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts and macadamias, if taken regularly will reduce the incidence. Heart disease is 30-50 percent.

          Nuts with obesity

          Although nuts are essential components of fat. But eat the beans based on the principle of eating to complete the five groups and not be excessively needed energy. The amount of fat contained in the fiber beans in the beans will make people eat full. Do not want to eat another meal. By studying the effect of Almond nuts, eating nuts did not increase the weight or cholesterol levels in the blood. Because some fat is not absorbed.

          How do we increase eating nuts?

          Eating a moderate amount of nuts will help prevent it. Therefore, eating plankton is necessary to prevent obesity. We may eat beans as a snack. We provide nuts as protein feeds. So if you eat nuts, you have to cut down the meat. Reduce unnecessary fat, such as clear dressings with low fat. Avoid fried foods. Avoid coconut milk

          That means eating beans ... or even eating everything. At the fit of it. Eat in the right amount to maximize. If you eat too much, it will become a punishment.

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